Declan's Korean Dictionary

Declan's Korean Dictionary

The inbuilt Korean keyboard can be used to aid the entry of hangul
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Declan's Korean Dictionary is an easy-to-use Korean-English Dictionary for Windows. The main application window is divided into three basic sections: Search String, Search Results, and Word Definition. We can start by entering a word in the Search String box. This word can be an English word, or a Korean word (Hangul). Before clicking the Search button, it is possible to customize our search by checking the following options: match case, match whole word, search for examples, HanJa (Sino-Korean vocabulary) only search results, and verb only search. Depending on our search options, we can view the results at the Search Results window. If we click one of the results, we will be able to see this result at the Word Definition window, that is, the Korean word, its definition, a few examples, and its HanJa equivalent, whenever possible. From the main window, we can also save words to a word list. We can convert our word list to XFL format and import it to another Korean learning program called Declan's Korean FlashCards.
In addition to Korean FlashCards, there are two related shareware programs called ReadWrite Korean, and Korean HakGyo.

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  • Free updates
  • Free evaluation version
  • Quite affordable


  • Full screen is not available
  • Korean words are very small and difficult to see
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